Tea culture in different countries-part two

  1. Indian tea culture

Indian traditional way of drinking tea is more special, they poured tea in the plate and use tongue licking drink. In addition, they never use left hand delivery tea. Because the left hand is used to take a bath and the toilet.

“Indian milk tea” is also be called “Masala chai”, it is indispensable to Indians’ daily life. Local people used to add tea, milk, and sugar together into the pot to cool, and during the process will add spices and boiled into a very strong taste. The climate of India is hot, but people tend to drink hot tea, some people still according to tradition put tea into saucer, use saucer to drink tea.

Masala_Chai.JPG(Masala chai)

  1. British tea culture

British people like to drink black tea, it including British breakfast tea, Gray Earl tea, Chinese jasmine tea, and green tea in Japan. British love to drink tea and quite grand. In morning 6:00AM, just wake up even with empty stomach still will drink “bed tea”. After lunch and drink a “high tea”. The British brew tea use tea dust, with tea bag on the hot water cup, let hot water immersed tea bag. One small tea bag only for a cup of water.

2015093017142682890470(British breakfest tea)

  1. Chinese tea culture

China is the hometown of Chinese tea, it is the first place discover the Chinese tea tree in the world. There have six types of Chinese tea, they are green tea, yellow tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, and Chinese breakfast tea (red tea). For thousands of years, China has not only accumulated a lot of tea cultivation, production of material culture, but also accumulated a wealth of tea on the spiritual and cultural, which is China’s unique tea culture, it is belong to cultural categories.

ue_97783_7597(chinese tea ceremony)


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