Tea culture in different countries-part one

  1. Americans tea culture

Americans drink tea emphasis on efficiency, convenience, do not want to brew tea, dumping of tea residue to waste of time and movement. They do not seem to appear in the cup of any tea traces. Therefore, they like to drink instant tea, which the almost same as the reason they like drink coffee. In the United States, tea consumption accounted in second place, preceded only by coffee. But most of Americans prefer to drink iced tea not the hot tea. When drinking, put ice into the iced tea. In addition, many US restaurants also use tea as the main beverage, and they have habits drinking any tea with sugar.%e7%be%8e%e5%bc%8f

  1. Argentina tea culture

Yerba mate is an evergreen shrub leaves, growing in some parts of South America, the moist and humid climate and plenty of sunshine of Argentina is suitable for growth this tree. Also, with the tradition of local love to drink this tea, making Argentina become the largest produce country of Yerba mate. The traditional way of drinking yerba mate is very special. A family or a bunch of friends sitting together, insert a straw in the teapot, people use the straw to drinking tea one by one.


  1. Australia tea culture

In Australia, they followed the British afternoon tea culture. Black tea is a folk tea in Australia. It is popular in the European immigrant residential area. These European immigrants and their descendants drinking black tea with the same habits in Europe, filter out the tea residue, and add milk, sugar, lemon or other fruit juice. They are particularly fond of the strong flavor, and bright red soup of tea.



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