Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony

Chinese tea culture refers to how tea is prepared as well as the occasions when people consume tea in China. Tea culture in China differs from that in European countries like Britain and other Asian countries like japan in preparation, taste, and occasion when it is consumed. Tea is still consumed regularly, both on casual and formal occasions. In addition to being a popular beverage, it is used in traditional Chinese medicine as well as in Chinese cuisine. So how about introduce a kind of brewing Chinese tea way in today’s blog.

The traditional brewing Chinese tea way

The traditional brewing props of Chinese tea is simple and it is very suitable for everyone drinking it, also it is easy to do that you can make it by yourself.  So let’s find out the steps of how to brewing traditional way of Chinese tea.

  1. Iron teapot: the boiling water into the teapot until overflow.烫壶.jpg
  2. Pour water: the teapot of water poured into the saucer
  3. Set the tea: put a tea strainer on the top of teapot, then use matcha scoop put tea to teapot.%e7%bd%ae%e8%8c%b6
  4. Water injection: pour the burning water into teapot until foam overflow.
  5. Pour tea: pour the teapot of tea into the gongndao mug, which can make tea heavy and thick.%e5%80%92%e8%8c%b6
  6. Feng tea: free to drink, or served by hand.%e5%a5%89%e8%8c%b6

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