How to homemade winter lemon tea

I am not sure did you guys heard winter lemon tea before or not. But I am a Chinese, it is a traditional Chinese summer drink and I really love it! In a hot summer drink a glass of iced winter lemon tea what such a wonderful thing! So today, I will write down the winter lemon tea recipe for you.

The step of homemade melon tea:

  1. Buy a winter melon use water cleans the skin and dry the water.1
  2. Cut winter melon into small pieces with seeds then put it into a large container2
  3. Add brown sugar or black sugar into the large container with winter melon3
  4. Stir until each piece of winter melon dipped brown sugar, pickled at least around half an hour4
  5. During the pickled process, winter melon will make a lot of juice5
  6. Put all of the winter melon into a deep pot, use full flame boiled, after that turn to low heat cook for half an hour to two hours with stirring 6
  7. Until half winter melon melted the color turn to brown then can turn off the fire and cooling. Use sieve remove the winter melon, the rest is concentrated winter melon juice7
  8. When you drink it pour a half cup of water into glass and pour a few tablespoons of winter melon juice. A cup of winter melon tea is complete!8

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