Six types of Chinese tea-part one

Chinese tea is divided into six categories: green tea, Fermented tea, yellow tea, white tea, Oolong tea and black tea. Subsequently, some of the re-processing of tea emerge, such as herbal tea it is developed on the basis of the six categories. Different kinds of tea has different active ingredient, the efficacy is also different. In the blog, I will introduce the six types of Chinese tea.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea also known as non-fermented tea. Green tea is the oldest tea. Use the tea shoots as raw materials, through fixing, rolling, drying and other typical process made. Because there is no fermentation process, green tea retains more natural substances of fresh leaves.

102-1306241j2325o(green tea)

  1. White tea

White tea is specialty products of Fujian province. Due to process doesn’t rub fried and dried only dried make the appearance preserved, so the color of tea is white. The white tea compared with other tea the color is light, the taste of tea is refreshing. The white tea also have extinguish fire and antipyretic effect.

3(white tea)

  1. Fermented tea

Fermented tea is generally bulk and fermentation for a long time. The leaves color mostly is dark brown. The longer of storage time the better of Fermented tea. It is a necessity for Chinese ethnic minorities daily life. Fermented tea producing area vast, many varieties of color and models, even have their own unique shape.

20141010143425648(Fermented tea)


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