Instant noodles + soda = stomach explosion!

Delicious, cheaper and fast to eat, these reason make fast noodles has been called “civilian food”. And it also is midnight snack choice for many people. Meanwhile, carbonated drinks because of stimulate, unique tasty and thirst-quenching become public drinks. But few people know that when you eating instant noodles while drinking carbonated beverages, such mixed eat can cause stomach explode!

In China there has a real incident. In Hangzhou China, has a teenager before bedtime eat two packets of instant noodles, a pile of potatoes and some snacks and also drank two bottles of Sprite. In midnight, his stomach very painful, the back shoulders and waist also very uncomfortable.

After hospital emergency, the doctors found that his stomach bubble swell, obviously intestine flatulence, gastric intubation to help his evacuated immediately. More than an hour later, his heart rate, blood pressure returned to normal then the pain relief. The doctor said, instant noodles have added edible gum and carbonated drinks will react to produce carbon dioxide. When people in sleep, gastrointestinal motility will slow down, it resulting in a large gas accumulation in the stomach to form a acute stomach diffusion. It is the reason causing a series of symptoms.


(Instant noodles + soda let sealed bag expansion)

This case let us to see the potential harm of soda drinks to young people, we really need to pay attention about teenager’s healthy eating concept.


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