How many times brewed tea is most healthy?

In life, some people prefer repeated brew tea until no taste to drink up. Some people brew tea once or twice then quickly change tea leaf. Which of these two approaches is correct, and how many time to brew a cup of tea will be better? Some people like to drink light tea, some people like to drink strong tea. Though brewing times of tea is mostly related to people’s different tastes. But for nutrient absorption, it is best to brew tea bags only once, bulk tea not more than three times.

Tea leaf contains polyphenols have anticancer activity, also tea polysaccharide can lower blood sugar. Tea leaf also contains caffeine, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients. How many these nutrients can precipitate has great relationship with the number of brewing time. In general, the large particle shape of tea, the speed of nutrients precipitated is slower. The smaller the particles are, the faster the precipitation.

Compared with the bulk tea, the tea of tea bags during manufacturing by cutting and knead thoroughly destroy the leaf cells, particle shape is relatively small, after the first 3-5 minutes of soaking tea nutrients will be precipitation 80-90 percent. After the second infusion, the remaining 10% almost all precipitation. Therefore, the best way of brew tea bags is just brew once. Not only no loss in the absorption of nutrients, but also not affect the taste and flavor.



One thought on “How many times brewed tea is most healthy?

  1. I drink Chinese tea everyday, it really insteads of Cola. Tea bag usually stored in fridge to keep fresh and smells very well when it is socked by boiled water. I can say Chinese tea is a kind of addition. It’s really good to promote tea culture in Australia.


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