Why you like soda

Most of us drink soda, some drink more than others. And probably many regular soda drinkers are aware that soft drinks are bad for the health. So why people (mostly teenager) will continue to go over drinking carbonated drinks? We need to know more about this drink that we love so much. And I did research and summed up to seven reason, and so here are 7 reasons why people love drink soda and couldn’t stop.


  1. It’s very tasty5751154

The taste of soda is unique, carbonated drinks can stimulate the nerve, have relieve fatigue function. The taste could be one that people addicted to drinking soda, that many people drink it with every meal.



  1. It’s everywhere自动贩卖机

Even if you wanted to drink something else, you would be hard-pressed to find it as prominently displayed in vending machines, at fast-food
chains, and supermarket checkouts, at convenience store. You might not realize how ubiquitous Coke, Pepsi and the like are in our society until you try to stop drinking soda.



  1. Promotion and Advertising

Soft drinks are heavily consumed in part because companies promote them vigorously – Billions of dollars are spend on advertising sodas – and market them everywhere – in stores, restaurants, gas stations, museums, and even schools.


  1. Soda Habit

For some people, drinking several sodas a day is a force of habit. You know drinking soda is a habit when you find yourself going to the grocery store at 10 p.m. because your refrigerator is tapped out.


  1. It is cheap

Soda may be pretty inexpensive when compared with fruit juice and milk. With combo meals, a large soda is only an extra dollar, and you get fries!


  1. Thirstthirsty-dry-desert

Often people drink soda to quench the thirst. However, this is probably the worst time to drink soda, because when you are very thirsty or dehydrated you have low levels of saliva. And saliva helps to neutralize acids (soda is the most acidic beverage you can buy) and wash your teeth clean.


  1. Caffeine Addiction

Many soft drinks contain caffeine and caffeine is mildly addictive. This fact is a part of the reason soda is such a hard habit to break. If you’re addicted to the caffeine in soda, your’re really having two habits – the soda habit and the caffeine habit.caffeine-addiction


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